Marshall Taylor: Cyclist & Hero

Bike Rack for Car With a large variety of cycling groups existing within the bay area, I would like to take the opportunity to recognize a young cyclist visionary within the national African American community, Marshall Taylor. He was the first African American athlete to win a world championship of any sort. He accomplished this in 1899, so you can only imagine the adversity he had to face in order to accomplish this feat.black cyclist

Early in his career he was forced to pack up his trunk bike rack move from his home in rural Indiana. He had quickly become such a great bike racer that he was able to earn the nickname “The Black Cyclone”. He packed up his hitch bike rack and moved shop to Massachusetts. He quickly turned pro after turning 18, and was already known as one of the better racers throughout the country even at his young age. He even had President Roosevelt actively following him as a fan.

He was able to win his first world title in 1899 after a fellow rider vouched for him. Taylor had been banned from most major races throughout the country! He was just too spectacular, as he would lap most scratch riders. Even with this adversity he went onto a successful European tour career as well. Winning 40 of the 57 races that he participated in.


Landmark of Culture in San Francisco

Modern Cat Tree

It has long been known that a local book store has played a large role in the community of the Fillmore District. Marcus Book Stores has been a long standing black owned business within the community of San Francisco. Jimbo’s Bop City was another instrumental factor in cultivating an exuberant culture. It is what brought the cool cats of Harlem to the west. People would come for miles to hangout with the cool cats who brought style and groove to the city. Like a feline needs its cat scratch posts, the people of San Francisco needed these two spots to rejuvenate them after a long day at work. Congratulations to both of these fine establishments, and for further info please follow our source link to the article in the San Francisco Gate.

San Francisco Gate

The Grind to Success, and a Legacy To Be Proud Of.

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Willie Brown is one of the finer examples of African American success within San Francisco. From his early years he was hard at work crafting his legacy in politics and within the social scene to help move the legacy and history of African American’s to new heights of achievement within San Francisco.

During his early years he worked 3 jobs in order to pay for his attendance to San Francisco State. He worked as a doorman, janitor, and shoe sales man. That certainly does not leave time for entertainment, parties, or shooting the breeze around the pool table. While most are scratching their nose holding their, Willie was hard at work making sure that he was keeping up with his studies.

To begin his political career, Brown was very active in the civil rights scene int he Bay Area. Helping to organize sit-in protests and draw media coverage to the peaceful demonstrations. After gaining some trust and popularity within the community, he decided to run for State Assembly. He unfortunately lost his first run in 1962, but was able to win his first election in the following race in 1964. He was re-elected to the position thereafter until 1995.

Brown had an unbelievably successful career in the State Assembly and is renowned as one of the best politicians to ever grace the California State Assembly. Although after his success, he turned his focus towards winning the campaign for the office of Mayor of San Francisco. He wanted to bring the city to new levels that he thought it was potential of reaching. black-cyclist2He wanted people to believe that he could make the moves that would set the city apart and bring it success that would be unparalleled in the cities history. Brown was able to earn the winning votes in the election after having a close runoff during the first round of voting. He not only earned the position of Mayor, but also the trust of the citizens, and now it was time to get to work.